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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trimming palms for faster growth?

There is an old myth among gardeners about trimming palm trees so they "grow quicker". Some say that cutting the lower leaves of the tree results in a higher trunk. Do NOT do it. If you want to enjoy your palm tree for a long time only cut the dried, yellow leaves and be careful not to cut too close to the trunk so you don't actually hurt the newly forming leaves.

Cuttig the dead leaves is more for aestetic reasons than for anything else. A palm tree can be completly healthy with all the dead leaves hanging down around it like a pretty hawaii skirt. But if you prefer neat appearence with no dry leaves around, here is how you do it:

  1. Put on gloves. Some plams have nasty spikes you do not want to get hurt.
  2. Use a pair of strong clippers that you feel comfortable with. It is very important that they are sharp enough! 
  3. Check your tree. Cut close to the trunk , but rather leave a bit of the leaf on, than to cut into the trunk. Only remove completly dry leaves, leave on the green ones, even if the tips are starting to get brown. These leaves are still supporting the palm tree.
  4. That's done! Don't forget to water and give it some fertilizer.
Don't feel bad if you have tall palm trees and do not feel like struggling on the top of the ladder in order to cut dead leaves. You palm tree is completly healthy and natural looking with its skirt on too!

Keep having lots of fun!
xx Anna

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